Media Articles

Media Articles

The Powerful Aura of Throwback Places that Defy Algorithms
The Boston Globe April 5, 2024
What it Will Take for Robots to Start Doing Our Chores” (interview with Daniela Russ)
The Boston Globe March 3, 2024
We Can Get More Imaginative About What We Imagine” (interview with Ruha Benjamin)
The Boston Globe January 30, 2024
Getting AI Ready for the Real World Takes a Terrible Human Toll” (with Brenda Leong)
The Boston Globe January 11, 2024
If Free Will is Only an Illusion, It’s the Most Convincing One Ever” (interview with Robert Sapolsky)
The Boston Globe November 27, 2023
Don't Expect the Government to Save Us From Misinformation (interview with Jeff Kosseff)
The Boston Globe October 22, 2023
There's No Shame In Being A Luddite (interview with Brian Merchant)
The Boston Globe September 25, 2023
How to Use ChatGPT to Apologize (with Brett Frischmann)
The Boston Globe August 10, 2023
We Don't Want Chatbots to Come Off as People
The Boston Globe May 9, 2023
The Totally Normal But Not Entirely Rational Fear of Being Duped (interview with Tess Wilkinson-Ryan)
The Boston Globe April 3, 2023
The Delusion at the Center of A.I.
Slate March 29, 2023
What if Companies Could Read Your Mind?” (interview with Nita Farahany)
The Boston Globe March 14, 2023
How to Make Online Life More Pleasant (interview with David Auerbach)
The Boston Globe February 23, 2023
Being an Influencer is Harder Than it Looks (interview with Emily Hund)
The Boston Globe January 31, 2023
Pondering a World Without Humans (interview with Adam Kirsch)
The Boston Globe January 03, 2023
People for the Enlightened Treatment of Animals (interview with Martha Nussbaum)
The Boston Globe December 29, 2022
ChatGPT Taught Me Something Powerful About Human Collaboration
The Boston Globe December 20, 2022
Is Digital Privacy Overrated? (interview with Orly Lobel)
The Boston Globe November 28, 2022
A warning from China’s Surveillance State: It Could Happen Here (interview with Josh Chin)
The Boston Globe October 5, 2022
Democrats Are Losing On A Key Battleground — The Meme Wars (interview with Emily Dreyfuss)
The Boston Globe September 09, 2022
Escape Plans of the Rich and Famous (interview with Douglas Rushkoff)
The Boston Globe September 02, 2022
My Advice to Graduates is Just One Show: 'The Wire'
The Boston Globe June 14, 2022
Shouldn’t We All Just Use Our Real Names Online (interview with Jeff Kosseff))
The Boston Globe April 21, 2022
Friedrich Nietzsche’s guide to better online living (interview with Nate Anderson)
The Boston Globe March 23, 2022
The Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Perceive Technology—And How We Resist It (with Albert Fox Cahn)
The Washington Post March 21, 2022

The Gospel of the Metaverse
Tech Policy Press March 2, 2022
Bring Back the Wooly Mammoth? Steal DNA? The Prospects and Pitfalls of Rewriting Life (interview with Amy Webb)
The Boston Globe February 19, 2022
How Real Could Virtual Reality Become? (interview with David Chalmers)
The Boston Globe January 22, 2022
Facebook’s Next Privacy Nightmare Will Be A Sight To See
The Boston Globe November 12, 2021
Please Don’t Wear a Computer on Your Face
The Boston Globe October 22, 2021
The Line Between Human and Machine Begins to Blur (interview with Meghan O’Gieblyn)
The Boston Globe October 2, 2021
What’s Dumb About Smart Cities? (interview with Shannon Mattern)
The Boston Globe September 10, 2021
The Slippery Slope of Surveillance is Real
The Boston Globe September 1, 2021
Apple’s Privacy Mythology Doesn’t Match Reality (with Albert Fox Cahn)
Wired August 11, 2021
Why It’s Good For You If I Protect My Privacy (interview with Carissa Véliz)
The Boston Globe July 28, 2021
If Technology Improves Exponentially, Can Society Keep Up? (interview with Azeem Azhar)
The Boston Globe July 15, 2021
Facial Verification Won’t Fight Fraud (with Albert Fox Cahn)
Wired June 9, 2021

The Social Costs of AI (Interview with Kate Crawford)
The Boston Globe May 27, 2021

What’s the Point of Automated Gender Recognition Software? (Interview with Os Keyes)
The Boston Globe May 13, 2021
The Battle Over Facial Surveillance is About to Heat UpI (Interview with Evan Greer)
The Boston Globe April 28, 2021

Abolish A.I. Proctoring (Interview with Chris Gilliard)

One Zero April 7, 2021

A.I. Can’t Detect Emotions (Interview with Luke Stark)

One Zero April 6, 2021

Health Care A.I. Needs to Get Real (Interview with Muhammad Ahmad)

One Zero April 5, 2021

There’s Not a Lot of Self-Reflection in Silicon Valley’: On Big Tech and Ethics (Interview with Mary Berk)

One Zero April 2, 2021
How We Treat Animals Will Inform Our Future With Robots (Interview with Kate Darling)
One Zero April 1, 2021
How Journalists and Academics Hold Tech Accountable (Interview with Clive Thompson)
One Zero March 31, 2021
The Problem Isn’t Zoom Fatigue — It’s Mourning Life as We Knew
One Zero April 21, 2020
Pandemic Pain is Fueling Robo-Realism
Pando March 26, 2021
A New Tool Jams Facial Recognition Technology With Digital Doppelgängers
One Zero August 20, 2020
The Public Is Being Misled by Pandemic Technology That Won’t Keep Them Safe (with Brenda Leong)
One Zero May 22, 2020
How Facial Recognition Technology Could Change College Campuses Completely (with Evan Greer)
MTV News February 28, 2020
Tracking Coronavirus With Smartphones Isn’t Just a Tech Problem” (with Albert Fox Cahn)
The Boston Globe April 17, 2020
Masks And Our Face-Recognition Future (with Woodrow Hartzog)
The Daily News April 6, 2020
Don’t use face recognition to fight COVID (with Woodrow Hartzog)
The Daily News May 11, 2020
Face to Face: Human Intelligence VS. Artificial Intelligence
Reversing Turing (with Brett Frischmann)
Project Syndicate April 29, 2020
Did you protest recently? Your face might be in a database (with Albert Fox Cahn)
The Guardian July 17, 2020
Tech Critics Create a Powerful Response to IBM’s Oscars Ad
Slate March 1, 2019
Why IBM’s ‘Dear Tech’ Ad Is So Enraging
Slate February 26, 2019
Why You Can’t Really Consent to Facebook’s Facial Recognition (with Woodrow Hartzog)
One Zero September 30, 2019
Our Government Should Not Be Conducting Facial Surveillance (with Woodrow Hartzog)
One Zero March 5, 2019
A.I. Ethics Boards Should Be Based On Human Rights (with Brenda Leong)
One Zero June 20, 2019
How Physicians Should and Shouldn't Talk With Dying Patients (with Arthur Caplan)
One Zero March 12, 2019
Online Conspiracy Theories Start with the Young (with Rory Selinger)
One Zero April 16, 2019
Connecting Brains to Computers Is a Shortcut to Dystopia (with Susan Schneider)
One Zero November 22, 2019
The Efficiency Delusion (with Clive Thompson)
One Zero April 9, 2019
We Need to Slow Down Communication (with Clive Thompson)
One Zero July 1, 2019
Cybersecurity Workers Need to Learn From Those They’re Trying to Protect (with Albert Fox Cahn)
One Zero December 20, 2019
How Middle School Subverted Instagram's Slider Emoji Tool (with Rory Selinger)
One Zero March 4, 2019
Why You Can No Longer Get Lost In the Crowd (with Woodrow Hartzog)
The New York Times April 17, 2019
What Happens When Your Employer Can Read Your Facial Expressions?” (with Woodrow Hartzog)
The New York Times October 17, 2019
Amazon: Stop Giving Dystopian Facial Recognition Tech to the Government (with Peter Asaro, Kelly Gates, Lilly Irani, and Lucy Suchman)
The Guardian July 6, 2018
How Self-Driving Car Policy Will Determine Life, Death, and Everything In-Between (with Brett Frischmann)
Motherboard March 23, 2018
Why I Won't Clap For a Hologram
One Zero November 19, 2018
Facebook's Failure to End 'Public By Default' (with Woodrow Hartzog)
One Zero November 7, 2018
Robots have already taken over our work, but they’re made of flesh and bone (with Brett Frischmann)
The Guardian September 25, 2017
Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality (with Brett Frischmann)
Wired UK June 26, 2017
You'll Never Shop Alone: Interview with Joseph Turow)
Christian Science Monitor March 13, 2017
Does the Health Industry Priortize Profits Over Patients: Interview with Adam Tanner
Christian Science Monitor February 1, 2017
The Ugliest Side of Facial Recognition (with Woodrow Hartzog)
Christian Science Monitor May 27, 2016
Kids Today (with Brenda Leong and Bill Fitzgerald)
Christian Science Monitor January 20, 2016.
Why it’s dangerous to outsource our critical thinking to computers (with Brett Frischmann)
The Guardian December 10, 2016
What Parents Don't Get About CyberBullying: Interview with Nathan Fisk
Christian Science Monitor May 27, 2016
Justin Bieber Deserves His Privacy, Too
Christian Science Monitor May 16, 2016
Why Does Our Privacy Matter?: Interview with Michael Lynch
Christian Science Monitor April 22, 2016

Will the internet of things result in predictable people? (with Brett Frischmann)

The Guardian August 10, 2015
How Obsessive Self-Tracking Is Ruining Privacy For Everyone
Christian Science Monitor September 23, 2015
Google’s action on revenge porn opens the door to the right to be forgotten in the US (with Woodrow Hartzog)
The Guardian June 25, 2015
How Digital Voyeurism is Destroying Privacy
Christian Science Monitor August 26, 2015
Will Privacy Survive A Digital Age of Corporate Surveillance?: Interview with Jacob Silverman
Christian Science Monitor April 1, 2015
How To Defeat Internet Bullies (Interview with Danielle Citron)
Christian Science Monitor March 27, 2015
The Case for Safeguarding Students' Digital Privacy (with Brenda Leong)

Christian Science Monitor September 17, 2015
What is Intellectual Privacy and How Yours is Being Violated: Interview with Neil Richards
Christian Science Monitor February 25, 2015
Will autocomplete make you too predictable?
BBC Future January 15, 2015

Is Privacy Dead? (with Woodrow Hartzog)
Aeon May 7, 2015
The Dangers of Trusting Robots(with Woodrow Hartzog)
BBC Future August 14, 2015
Presidential Campaigns' Thirst For Big Data Threatens Privacy (with Joseph Jerome and Elliott Murphy))
hristian Science Monitor October 14, 2015
Twitter's Privacy Blunder (with Woodrow Hartzog)
Christian Science Monitor August 13, 2015
It's Time for an About-Face on Facial Recognition (with Woodrow Hartzog)
Christian Science Monitor June 25, 2015
Inside the Casino, the House is Always Watching: Inteview with Natasha Dow Schull
Christian Science Monitor June 3, 2015
Is Student Privacy Erased As Classrooms Turn Digitial: Interview with Elana Zeide
Christian Science Monitor May 13, 2015
If Predictive Algorithms Can Craft the Best E-mails, We're All In Trouble
Christian Science Monitor April 27, 2015
Why You Have a Right to Obscurity: Interview with Julie Brill (with Woodrow Hartzog)
Christian Science Monitor April 15, 2015
Why Domestic Drones Stir More Debate Than Ones Used in Warfighting Abroad: Interview with John Kaag
Christian Science Monitor March 9, 2015
The New Machine Age of Algorithms and Bots: Interview with Frank Pasquale
Christian Science Monitor January 28, 2015
With Big Data Invading Campus, Universities Risk Unfairly Profiling Their Students: Interview with Jeffrey Alan Johnson
Christian Science Monitor January 13, 2015
Don’t Outsource Your Dating Life
CNN May 1, 2014
I See You: The Databases that Facial Recognition Apps Need to Survive (with Woodrow Hartzog)
The Atlantic January 23, 2014
The Outsourced Lover
The Atlantic February 14, 2014.
Satire’s Corporate Takeover: “Community,” “Silicon Valley,” and the Entertainment Industrial Complex
Salon May 11, 2014
Google vs. our humanity: How the emerging ‘Internet of Things’ is turning us into robots
Salon May 22, 2014
Robot Servants Are Going to Make Your Life Easy. Then They’ll Ruin It
Wired September 5, 2014
How to Stop Facebook From Making Us Pawns In Its Corporate Agenda (with Woodrow Hartzog)
Wired July 1, 2014
You’ve Been Obsessing Over Your Likes and Retweets Way Too Much
Wired June 9, 2014
Google Can’t Forget You, But It Should Make You Hard to Find (with Woodrow Hartzog)
Wired May 20, 2014
Colleges Need to Act Like Startups–Or Risk Becoming Obsolete (with Andrew Phelps)
Wired March 5, 2014

Today’s Apps are Turning us into Sociopaths
Wired February 26, 2014

E-Etiquette in the Classroom
Wall Street Journal Review Section, C-4, September 07, 2013

Why Is Facebook Putting Teens at Risk? (with Woodrow Hartzog)
Bloomberg Opinion October 24, 2013

The Case Against Publishing Sony Hacked E-mails
Christian Science Monitor December 12, 2014
Obscurity: A Better Way to Think About Your Data Than ‘Privacy’ (with Woodrow Hartzog)
The Atlantic January 17, 2013

How Not to Be a Jerk With Your Stupid Smart Phone
The Atlantic Nov. 4, 2013

The ‘Mood Graph’: How Our Emotions Taking Over the Web
Wired August 19, 2013

Facebook Home Propaganda Makes Selfishness Contagious
Wired April 22, 2013

How We’re Turning Digital Natives Into Etiquette Sociopaths
Wired March 26, 2013

Fighting Facebook, A Campaign for a People’s Terms of Service (with Ari Melber and Woodrow Hartzog)
The Nation May 22, 2013

Google Files Creepy Patent to Automate Your Social Media Voice
Slate Dec. 3, 2013

Humans are Already More ‘Enhanced’ by Technology than We Realize
Slate October 3, 2013

When Nudge Comes to Shove
Slate July 7, 2013

Quitters Never Win: The Costs of Leaving Social Media (with Woodrow Hartzog)
The Atlantic February 15, 2013

What Happens When We Turn The World’s Most Famous Robot Test on Ourselves?
The Atlantic June 20, 2012

Why It’s OK to Let Apps Make You a Better Person
The Atlantic March 9, 2012

The Philosophy of the Technology of the Gun
The Atlantic July 23, 2012

Can a Robot Learn to Cook? (with Evelyn Kim)
The Atlantic October 9, 2012

Nudge, Nudge: Can Software Prompt Us Into Being More Civil?
The Atlantic July 30, 2012

Why Occupy Wall Street is So Hard to Understand
The Atlantic December 01, 2012

Augmented Reality Racism
The Atlantic December 16, 2012

‘But Everybody’s Doing it!’: Lance Armstrong and the Philosophy of Making Bad Decisions
The Atlantic August 28, 2012

Why We Need New Rights to Privacy
Slate Nov. 2, 2012

How to Make a Spy Exhibit Boring (with John Mix)
Slate October 10, 2012

Future of Privacy Forum Director: Browser Settings Should Be As Easy to Navigate as a Car
Slate August 23, 2012
Why Do We Love to Call New Technologies ‘Creepy’?
Slate August 22, 2012

Digital Jiminy Crickets (with Thomas Seager)
Slate July 13, 2012

Was Hitler a Bully? Teaching the Holocaust to Kids
Slate April 20, 2012

The Technologically Enhanced Memory
Slate February 13, 2012

How’d My Avatar Get Into That Sneaker Ad?
Slate February 13, 2012

The Online Funeral
Wall Street Journal Nov. 6, 2012

Kids Today (with Thomas Seager)
Slate November 8, 2011